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Types of Adrenaline Auto Injectors and how to use them.

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Here is some additional information from BSACI and charity dedicated to improving allergy care through training, education and research. It includes links to some really useful resources.



Two Dosage strengths:

  • Child from 7.5 – 25kg – 0.15mg dosage (Green Lable)

  • Adult and children over 25kg – 0.3mh dosage (Yellow Lable)

Trainer pens available:



Three dosage strengths:

  • Children between 15 kg and 30 kg- 150 micrograms

  • Adult and children over 30kg but below 60kg -300 micrograms

  • Adults over 60kg – 500 micrograms



2 dosage strengths:-

  • Children 15-30kg- 150 micrograms (yellow label)

  • Adult and children over 30kg – 300 micrograms (red label)

Demonstration video for Adults:

Demonstration video for children:

Expiry Alert Service:

Trainer pens available:

Can a first aider can administer adrenaline to a casualty who is experiencing an anaphylactic reaction?

Yes, however it is important to know why because the laws that exist to allow people to administer adrenaline via an Adrenaline Auto Injector (AAI) are specific to adrenaline and do not translate to other drugs or other medical problems.

How can we help?

We get that regulations can be hard to get your head around, knowing the different legislation or just staying on top of changes, there’s lots to get to grips with – we are here to help to the load off you. We’ll equip you with all the knowledge you need to be able to produce your own documentation and support you with managing the process as your business changes and grows.

Our First Aid experts can visit your business, identify any gaps in your current processes, and advise on any recommendations.

If you would like tailored advice for your workplace, want to book anaphylaxis training for your business or organisation, then get in touch with Train Direct.

tel. 0330 223 5586,

or complete the form on our homepage to request a call back.

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