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Live Online Courses - a gimmick or a real alternative

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

We are all having to look at the way we work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is requiring us to adapt and make changes to the way we communicate with colleagues, friends and family. Fortunately, with the technology and fast broadband available today many people are able to work remotely and still be extremely productive. This new way of life is also changing training with people accepting online learning as an alternative to traditional methods.

Remote working, with all its benefits to the environment, family life and business can be adopted into the way we learn. As we become used to communicating remotely using Zoom it has become a very real way of delivering online live courses.

Our Online Live Courses are not traditional distance learning, namely the type where you study from a screen in your own time, but a live feed just like a classroom with an experienced trainer. You have the same opportunities to ask questions and feedback into the sessions. Most importantly our Online Live Courses are still the same Regulated Qualifications that industry requires, they are not just CPD or certificates of attendance.

Additionally, Online Live Courses offer some of the benefits similar to those we are experiencing in working remotely.

They include:

  • Zero time travelling or travel expenses

  • Learning in your familiar environment

  • Fewer distractions from other learners in a classroom

  • Those with learning difficulties can be assisted with private zoom breakout rooms

Gimmick or a Real Alternative

Is this a real alternative to classroom training? Would we be considering online virtual training during normal times? Firstly, we should consider that we are all making changes to the way we do things and training is no different. People still require the training to carry out their work safely and hold the required qualifications to work.

The awarding bodies have carefully evaluated this requirement and have agreed that online virtual training courses are acceptable for some subjects. For those that have a practical element, such as physical First Aid, blended learning is being used (a mix of online learning with reduced onsite practical delivery). This has been a game-changer for those wishing to gain the required qualifications for their jobs. It has also opened another way that training providers can benefit their clients.

Firstly, to provide online learning as an alternative to face-to-face delivery it requires the trainer to have the correct equipment for a professional presentation. Secondly, the course content has to remain the same but modified to engage the learners in the virtual classroom. This is why we have taken some time to start offering our virtual courses, we wanted to perfect the online experience so we could ensure the highest quality of learning.

Online Live Courses are now considered a permanent serious option for learning and presents real value to those wishing to gain knowledge and qualifications.

Is an online live course for me?

We all have different preferences to the way we learn it may be that you need loud music or silence to stimulate learning. So where does virtual training sit as a learning experience?

Let’s start by explaining how virtual training works and how it compares to the traditional face to face training methods. The first thing that you have to realise is that you will have a trainer delivering the course in real-time. Exactly the same content, duration and qualification but using the zoom classroom connecting you screen to screen. You will have a start and finish time with breaks throughout the course along with interaction with the trainer and other candidates.

If you prefer a controlled environment when you don’t get the interruptions from others attending the course then this is for you. There are still opportunities to interact in zoom breakout rooms with learning tasks with others in the course. You just won’t get distracted as the trainer can control the learning presentation muting all until the periods for questions.

The real bonus is that if you aren’t a real mixer and would normally consider an e-learning course for those reasons virtual is a real option. There is a real trainer to answer questions privately or in an open forum that you can control. There’s no getting stuck and trying to learn from a book but you will have to be available for the courses scheduled time.

Finally, if you need to gain the qualification quickly then you are no longer restricted by location and availability. Online Live Courses allow you to take the course from your own location you just have to select a suitable date and time.

Virtual Classroom

So how is the course presented to the learner and what do I need to use a virtual classroom? The technical requirements are very straight forward even if you have never used Zoom before. You will require a broadband connection, a computer or notebook with webcam and mic, and then Zoom which is free to download here.

You will receive a joining instruction once you have booked your course with a meeting link for the day(s) of your course. If you have any difficulty in setting up, which it is suggested you try in advance of the course, let us know and we will assist. When you join the course, you will see the trainer who will introduce themselves and welcome you to the course. They will take you through the way the course will be delivered and how you can raise questions and join in with any joint exercises. You will also see the other candidates but as the course starts everyone may be muted by the trainer.

You will have the ability to raise questions to the trainer via Zoom in a controlled manner. The course content will be displayed on your screen in conjunction with the trainer webcam while they explain the subject. Depending on the subject there will be quizzes, tests and assessments. We believe that your learning experience will mirror that of a face-to-face course and have many advantages as listed above.

We will be constantly developing and improving our Online Live Courses as we believe they are probably here to stay.

What Online Live courses can I take?

At launch we have a number of industry leading qualifications available to our clients via Online Live Courses, these include:

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